THE DOCTOR GAMES (Doctor Who/Hunger Games Parody)

THE DOCTOR GAMES (Doctor Who/Hunger Games Parody)

All 13 Doctors are forced into a battle royale by The Master and the Daleks in this R rated trailer spoof. WHO WILL WIN? Made as tribute for the release of T…



isapandas says:

Ten’s “he didn’t want to go”

CrafterMaster202 says:


Entreri says:

It’s cool, but Doctors even forced would never fight or even pick a gun.

Cewyyy says:

OMG LOL at peter capaldi one

Skylar Lee says:

You need to add 13 more now :) and Metacrisis Tennant 

KemberCuber says:

lol 8, and a half, or something…

MeerkatVision says:

This is the most epic parody of Doctor Who ever created. Period.

yumthegreat says:

So many good jokes…hm

Who will win? Who will win!
‘And on that day, there was a man with more blood on his hands than anyone
else, and that man was me! Of course, the blood was all the other mes!”

metalslugunleashed27 says:

I never thought a battle between the Doctors will be possible…

suicidesmurf100 says:


puma7372 says:

The Doctor chose to swallow, not spit…wish most women were the same.

Taika Kirkland says:

“He didn’t want to go.” And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t
listen to my brother when he tells me to watch things like this. I didn’t
want to watch this. He didn’t want to go. Neither of us had a choice. He’s
dead again, and I.. I am emotionally scarred…

Templar Kille says:

It comes to an epic fight between a bowtie and a scarf

Ally Jones says:

This is so perfect and amazing. Bravo

clara mm says:

I lost my shit at 2:31

Lani Alvarado says:

That’s so cool!!

Jack McCullough says:

Cmon tennant!!! Yea!!

Daniel Aherne says:

Love it! XD

Katy Bennett says:

I love how 11 looks at the fez and 10 is just like no

geekygal644 says:

i’m dying over how amazing this is :D u my friend gained another subscriber
please make more vids like this :)

amit dolev says:

i would have been very disappointed if it wasn’t “oods” instead of “odds”

RandomDragon says:

Wait if the doctor kills his old self they all should be dead

Immie B says:

I am dying here this is so funny

Lin Jane says:


Slendy Man says:

11 captures the real eleven’s mood and everything

Leo S says:

this is the best and worst thing i have seen in my entire life…

Ezra Carnahan says:

Skyfall Of The Doctor 1080p

robhigg2203 says:

Would work better as a Hunger Games Parody then the movies they’re bringing
out. Heard they were making a Hangover one and hoped it was a joke

Slipperyleopards says:

Lol ‘Let the OODS be ever in your favor’ xD

El Porton de Markul! says:

JAJAJAJA grandisoso y terriblemente gracioso xD

PalleDoesGaming says:

there are on problem with this Video if one of the first doctores die the
othere won’t ever had eksisted so kill the first one and no of them have
been there ever

April Cave says:


maryb416 says:

I showed this to my brother who normally doesn’t laugh at anything I find
funny but he found it hilarious 

MyDollsLove says:

It should be “May the docs be ever in your favor” haha

Jonathan Mercer says:

in reality, i think either war doctor, or 9th doctor would win, as the war
doctor is skilled with guns, and 9th is the second most violent and
remembers the war doctor best.

catie D says:

EIgHT ANd A HALf, or something

Timothy Cardenas says:

Eccleston does not get killed by a celery stick!

Sylvia Lupien says:

sooo many paradoxes!

Earl Grey says:

This would be a better 50th anniversary special than the actual 50th
anniversary special

KatOfDiamonds says:

Hilariously fun!

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